1980: Bombing of the Statue of Liberty on June 3rd

  • At 7:30 pm, a time delayed explosive device detonated in the Statue of Liberty's Story Room. Detonated after business hours, the bomb did not injure anyone, but caused $18,000 in damage, destroying many of the exhibits. The room was sealed off and left unrepaired until the Statue of Liberty restoration project that began years later. FBI investigators believed the perpetrators were Croatian terrorists seeking independence for Croatia from Yugoslavia, though no arrests were made. 

1981: James W Von Brunn tried kidnapping members of the federal reserve

  • served 6 years in prison for attempting to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve at their headquarters in Washington, D.C. He testified his motive was to raise awareness of alleged "treacherous and unconstitutional" acts by the Federal Reserve.
  • Von Brunn was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the first of two children to Elmer von Brunn and Hope Grossemutter Wenneker. He had a younger sister named Alice. His father was a native of Houston, Texas, and a superintendent at the Scullin Steel Mill in Houston during World War II. Hope von Brunn was an accomplished pianist, piano teacher, and homemaker. The family spent summer months with Hope's family in Piasa Township, Illinois, as well as road trips to Houston when James was an adolescent. During his childhood, James was noted by school teachers and family for his artistic talents, and asked for an oil paint set for his seventh birthday.

1981: The assassination of an egyptian president occurs during troop review

  •  President Sadat of Egypt has died after being shot by gunmen on October 6th, who opened fire as he watched an aerial display at a military parade. A number of other dignitaries including foreign diplomats were killed or seriously wounded.
  • The Egyptian authorities have declared a state of emergency. President Sadat was attending the eighth anniversary of the Yom Kippur war with Israel as Field Marshal of the armed forces. 
  • "America has lost a great friend, the world has lost a great statesman, and mankind has lost a champion of peace." -President Ronald Reagan

1989: Assassination of German Bonu chairman

  • Herrhausen fell victim to a sophisticated roadside bomb shortly after leaving his home in Bad Homburg on 30 November 1989. He was being chauffeured to work in his armoured Mercedes-Benz, with bodyguards in both a lead vehicle and another following behind. The bomb had been hidden in a saddle bag on a bicycle next to the road that the assassins knew Herrhausen would be traveling in his three-car convoy. In the bag was a 20 kg bomb that was detonated when Herrhausen's car interrupted a beam of infrared light as it passed the bicycle.  
  • The bomb targeted the most vulnerable area of Herrhausen's car—-the door where he was sitting—-and required split-second timing to overcome the car's special armour plating. Herrhausen's legs were severed and he bled to death.

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